Lightning Talks
Thursday, Nov. 9, 14.00 - 15.00

Anni L. Albæk, pastor in the Danish Lutheran church on stage in a lightning talk at the #boye22 conference

Anni Albæk, pastor in the Danish Lutheran church, on stage in a lightning talk at the Boye Aarhus 22 conference. It was titled: Hope and the future

As the name suggests, lightning talks give speakers a limited amount of time to make their presentation – around 10 minutes. They may or may not include slides.

Because lightning talks are brief, it requires the speaker to make their point clearly and rid the presentation of non-critical information. This, in turn, helps keep the attention of the audience.

It also means many ideas can be presented in a short amount of time. Get in touch if you are interested in sharing your story.

Confirmed talks

Amélie Drouet (DK)

Communications Specialist at Headstart Career

Talk title: Why being the happiest place on earth isn’t enough

Anders Kirkedal Nielsen (DK)

Consultant at Aarhus Kommune

Talk title: A diverse & inclusive local community
Download (slides as PowerPoint)

Philip Morley (DK)

Certified Workshopper Master

Talk title: What do you do?

Noz Urbina (ES)

CX expert

Talk title: I in AI
Download (slides as PDF)

Steven Pemberton (NL)

Researcher at CWI

Talk title: An end to the paper internet
Download: Slides (as HTML)

William Imoh (NO)

Founder & CEO at Hackmamba

Talk title: Content at the speed of attention

Aiste Hoffbeck (DK)

Program Director at Valtech

Talk title: News you can use from Denmark